The Earfull


The Earfull is a weekly audio podcast that explores the lives of musicians through music. New episodes are posted every Wednesday and can be found here, on iTunes in Podcasts and in the Podcast App. For news and updates, please find The Earfull on  facebook, twitter, and tumblr.


Episode 13 – Adriano Santos

Episode 12 – Joseph Daley

Episode 11 – Sunny Jain

Episode 10 – Sonya Robinson

Episode 9 – Roosevelt Credit

Episode 8 – Ole Mathisen

Episode 7 – Ramin Arjomand

Episode 6 – Warren Smith

Episode 5 – Fred Ho

Episode 4 – Christine Correa

Episode 3 – Duke Amayo

Episode 2 – Christopher Washburne

Episode 1 – William Shadrack Cole

Credits: The Earfull Podcast was created by Althea SullyCole. It is also produced, edited and hosted by Althea SullyCole. Cover art by Hallie Bean.